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For this project I developed the idea of a non-profit organization that would utilize a work-first model, in which members of Pittsburgh’s homeless community would be provided temporary housing and a path to rebuild their lives through a neighborhood improvemenT program. The program would provide a step-by-step process to develop self-esteem, re-establish hope, and ultimately position homeless adults for successful long-term employment. The program would take a holistic approach to ending the cycle of poverty, by also providing each member in the program a customized curriculum of supplementary workshops and services.
This informative handout would be given out at shelters and by homeless outreach programs. The handout includes a step by step description of how the program works, testimonials from graduates of the program, and a map of other resources for homeless people in Pittsburgh.
This development journal would be used by individuals in the program to see their program schedule and to keep track of their progress.
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