The Baker & The Bard

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For this project I was randomly assigned an industry and an audience. My industry was "bakeries" and my audience was "book lovers." The objective was to conceptualize a company and brand in my given industry, that would appeal to my given audience. Once I had developed a concept, my next objective was to create a successful design system and apply it across several formats. Finding a niche that fit both my industry and my audience was the biggest challenge. I decided to combine an artisan bread shop with a curated book store, and developed a back story for my business. I then determined what deliverables would best illustrate the purpose and function of my business.
I wanted the bread packaging to not only reflect the character of The Baker & The Bard, but also to serve as a unique advertisement for the shop's curated book collection. I came up with the idea of having a featured book of the month, that would be sold at a discounted price. The bread products would highlight the featured book by including various excerpts printed on the back of the packaging, as well as a short bio of the book's author. 
I wanted these flyers to demonstrate how the shop would engaged their customers in a personal way. Each event is an opportunity for people to share their love of great books and delicious bread. The first two events tie in the featured book of the month, and the third event is a customer appreciation special that also helps expand the shop's client base.
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