Coming soon to an app store near you! The METAFIT app is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. The onboarding process gathers personal preferences and a fitness assessment to create a customized workout program. To get even more out of their program, users can sync the app with a Heart Rate Monitor to measure their Heart Rate Variability (HRV) every morning and get a modified workout routine based on their current HRV results. This provides users the knowledge of when they should take it easy and when they can really push their workout to the max, which helps avoid injuries and leads to better fitness results.

For this project I worked closely with the client, professional personal trainers, and the development team to create the app's UX. We had to find a balance of gathering as much info as possible about the user in order to create truly tailored workouts, while still making the app easy and intuitive to use. We researched existing UX patterns in similar workout apps and drew on the wealth of knowledge the personal trainers had to offer. For this project I also created the logo and supporting brand elements, and designed the UI. 
Work created at Openarc.
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